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Most Hilarious Instructables Comments Answered

I often find myself laughing for several minutes when reviewing various comments on Instructables.

Here's one of my current favorites:

What are your favorites?

(Submit the Instructable and comment URL together if one needs to review the Instructable to get the full context of the humor. To get the comment's URL, click the author's name, click view all comments, and search for the comment's link.)


The funniest exchange I've ever seen was on the McCain forum (about Oct. 23 or so). Chicken, RocketScientist, Skate, And NachoMahma were trying to gently explain the double-intendre "master debater" to DG. Hilarious!

I was watching it as it played out. I was LOLAW (laugh out loud at work). People thought I'd lost it.

hehe, oddly enough, the "master debater" pun surfaced at the Texas 4-H Congress this past July, created by none other than me and a buddy. It created the same general effect...

I always wanted to open a bait shop with an inappropriate name.

Hehe... *starts putting mind to creating bait shop names*

There was the Bates hotel too, had there been born a young Bates, he would have been referred to as Master....

I seem to remember that one of the younger members archives humorous comments, I just can't remember who - KK? Bumpus?

It was bumpus. To me, the funniest comments come from Goodhart, but theres just too many to archive... then of course Kiteman, then ME! MEEEE!!!

Kelsey is starting to earn a reputation too ;-)

Well, thank you.....but I probably put out more "groaners" then LOL comments ;-)

I don't groan. I think they are funny. hhaha.

One of the funniest group of comments for me is the argument between me and Adrian Monk, with input from gmjhowe on my orangeboard. I think in total it is nearly 150 comments...

Hi, Eric. Sorry to hijack, but why couldn't the comment's direct link be available in situ? The date-stamp itself is available for the purpose, for example.

I know that Zach's scripts can do so, but your page-generator code obviously has the information in hand....

Good idea! Start a new topic under feedback with this feature request.

Thanks, Eric! I've bumped that topic in Feedback, with a link back to your comment here.

Is there a prize? A "big laugh" patch?


9 years ago

What about when canida told Eric he was adopted?

I thought this was one of the funniest I ever saw:


9 years ago

Hahahha, I that is quite funny.


Do have a look at bumpus' slideshow on comments, it's pretty funny with lots of good ones.


9 years ago

That gave me a good laugh! I'll have to look through some of my instructables.....