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Most Sophisticated/Complex Instructables Answered

We recently compiled a list of the most sophisticated Instructables (based on the number of steps). Here's the top of the list--now you just have to read through every step.

Animatronic Lion: Weighing in at 117 steps, this is the longest Instructable.

Reduce Your Impact: 100 Ways to Reduce Your Impact.

Elvis Alive: This project is much more than just a hound dog, crying all the time.

Travel in Toledo: A winner from the recent Lonely Planet Travel Tips Contest.

Butler Bot: A robotic butler to serve your every command, in 58 steps.

Wall-E Robot: For all of the Pixar fans out there.

50 Handy Tricks: 50 of TimAnderson's useful tips.

Nut Sheller: Remove the shell of any nut, especially helpful in developing countries relying on nuts for sustenance.

Ambience Enhancer: Give any area a touch of ambience.

Bicycle Power: Use pedals to power your home electronic devices.

More Handy Tricks More tricks from TimAnderson.

Chopper Bicycle: This bicycle will definitely turn heads.

Rainwater Collector: Reuse the water that falls from the sky.

More Handy Tricks: The handy tricks keep coming...

Even More Handy Tricks: And 40 more from TimAnderson.

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mikeasaurus (author)2009-06-24

While these instructables are complex it is important to remember that number of steps and sophistication are not mutually exclusive.

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ReCreate (author)2009-06-18

Wow 100 Steps, that would be an extreme pain to an un-register user...

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bumpus (author)2008-07-28

Perhaps a prequel to the book?

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Keith-Kid (author)2008-07-28

Whoa, those look very phosisticated!

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