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Most efficient CO2 sensor? Answered

I found this CO2 sensor. http://www.robotshop.com/parallax-co2-gas-sensor-module-2.html Any one know of a better one?


You guys are all over the place. Sit down and think out your plans. Is that class going on a buying spree of parts for the arduino? CO2 is not the same as CO and are different gases.

Yes, we are about 40 students told to use one account. We are all working on different projects, most of which incorporate the arduino.

Have the teacher contact instructables HQ at service@instructables.com by regular email to get on board with the instructables teacher/class program https://www.instructables.com/teachers/. I think they can set your class up with pro-accounts and such to make all of your questions a lot easier to ask and for the community here to better respond.

Now it does seems like a random madman spammer just throwing out unrelated questions which is annoying to figure out and discourages if anyone wants to help.  At least put in a username of some sort in the question to differentiate the askers.  Good luck though.

The TGS sensor shown there is pretty well the best way you can afford.