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Mother Earth Fair, Seven Springs, PA, USA Sept 21-23 2012 Answered

Hi everyone!

For those who are interested in modified vehicles, electric vehicles, DIY Hybrids, renewable energy and more, you might want to check out the Mother Earth News Fair.

It's coming up really fast. If you are in Pennsylvania, come check it out!

I'm going to be a speaker there giving presentations on my DIY electric motorcycle, my most current DIY Hybrid Pickuptruck project, and more! Wear your Instructables shirt and come find me!

-Ben Nelson


It is only a couple hours from where I live! Cool!

It is only a couple of hours to your couple of hours from where I live. Most of those hours would be trying to get out of NYC.

How many times do you give or get the infamous middle finger "New York salute"?

Yeah, its only a couple of hours to the NYC Maker Faire from here....*sigh*

Also like we talked before, lodging in NY is quite expensive.

True, although I have been looking for friends or relatives in the area to crash one night at.....not this year. We are to short on funds.