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Mother's Day Instructables Answered

Mother's Day is this Sunday and in case you need some last-minute project to make your Mom happy we've compiled a list of Instructables that you can use. Some take just a few minutes while others can take a little over an hour.

Mother's Day Flower
Make a flower that will never wilt.
Sneakerdoodles (Snickerdoodles)
Say how much you care with these super-sweet cookies.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
These chewy cookies are easy to make and will definitely impress her.
Perfect English Scones
Start the day right with some classic scones.
Be a Mother's Day Breakfast Hero
Even if you're terrible in the kitchen, you can use pancake mix and a bag to create some funky pancakes.
Chocolate Truffles
Moms love chocolate, 'nuff said.
Orange Clove Pomander (air freshener)
This is an easy and classy way to infuse the room with a pleasant scent.
Photo Cube
Print out some famly photos and cubify them.
Sharp Pencil Quality TV
Put a series of photos together into a strip for an interactive photo display.
Homemade Air Freshener
Print out some family photos on an inkjet printer and turn them into a super-custom air freshener.
Custom Lift-the-Flap Book
If you want to go all out, a personalized lift-the-flap book will be remembered for months to come.
Pop-Up 3D messages
Put your Mother's Day message out there in full 3D! Go the extra mile with some decorations and photos around it.
Flower Pop-Up Card
Another 3D effect that's easy to pull off and provides a pleasant surprise.

Have any other favorite Instructables that would be perfect for a Mother's Day present? Let us know in the comments!


Doh - any chance to make something like this available to the general public? I would *love* to be able to intersperse pictures and text, especially in forum topicss, where we don't have the option of breaking things up into multiple steps like in the Instructables...

I'm confused...you can post pictures on forum topics...

You can attach images to the end of the topic, but you can't interleave them with text the way fungus did...

Oh, I see what you mean...dolollies! I wish I could do that!

Oh. My. Goodness. The first one! I thought it was just nonsense!I had no idea it could mean that second one. I'll not say that again!

Hehe - don't worry, urbandictionary.com has all sorts of weird and just plain wrong definitions. Kinda like a wiki where nobody ever edits somebody else's entries...

Actually, I *did* find a number of pages like this one, describing a dololly as a thingamajig/ doohickey/whachamacallit. Pretty easy to see where the guy on urbandictionary got his euphemism from. I strongly doubt that's a common usage of the word though...

yea, but that would have all sorts of crazy consequences when it comes to 12 year olds and spammers grasps

I've gotta come up with another mother's day present. What to do, what to do?

Last year I gave Mom a flux capacitor; she had no idea what to do with it, now it's a flower pot...

..yea I thought so..... But hey, please add the ones I posted in the forum topic! I think those are pretty useful.