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Motor not working? Answered

I uploaded my motor project above. I have it wired according to diagrams and it worked with LED but not with motor. I tried setting up the wiring in the tinkercad simulator and it works there. I get a reading on the serial port. Thoughts? For photos see above.

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bekathwia (author)2018-01-16

From what I can tell, your wiring looks correct... did you try plugging
in your motor directly to power and ground to verify that it spins? What
is the value of the resistor in your circuit, and is your serial
monitor showing that your potentiometer values extend through the full

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JohnG595 (author)bekathwia2018-01-16

Motor works when plugged into 5v and gnd. The resister is 1K. On the serial monitor the serial reading is 1019 top range and low of 0 on the output top is 254 and low of 0 when I spin the 10k potentomiter.

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bekathwiaBest Answer (author)JohnG5952018-01-22

Hm, what's the transister that you are using? For lack of other things to check, I'd double check the datasheet of your transistor to ensure the pinouts are correct.

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