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Motorcycle Modification, what kind of data might I want? Answered

Hey all,

I'm working on a rather complicated modification on one of my motorcycles, and I think I might be using both a rasberry pi and an arduino to drive it. I intend to include some kind of display to use in selecting mod modes.

I don't think I'm going to use all of the processing power of either. Since I believe I'll have a digital display to show information to myself, I am wondering what kinds of data I might want to think about including on the screen when I'm not selecting a different mode.

I currently have a fuel gauge and a clock, a digital speedometer and a tachometer on my OEM cluster.

I was thinking that maybe Heading and or GPS location might be cool.
Maybe outside temperature?
Or connecting the system to my phone to transmit text/call information?

If I had data, maybe I could do something more complicated, but I only pay for text messaging because it's cheap. If I thought of something cool, I maybe would buy some data too.

Any ideas?


don't know if it's possible as I have zero experience in Raspberry Pi or Arduino, but... maybe you could get a G meter so you can measure how much G force you might be experiencing. Possibly something for reading your throttle position sensor. Maybe a digital log book to keep track of your maintenance schedule. as steveastrouk said, tire pressures might be good. A resettable odometer might be good so you know how long since your last fill up, or maybe a program that you could punch in your current mileage, gasoline amount and price to calculate your mpg or km/L. My last idea is something that could control a video recording device.

I did a search for raspberry pi motorcycle and it seems like others have thought about it so you may be able to get first hand info from others out there.

I wonder if it would be possible or useful to put a rear view camera on it? Maybe that would be too much of a distraction.

I never checked the web for Motorcycle Rasberry PI, I should have! Seems like a common trend.

Thanks for the ideas!

Interface a radar detector
Manifold pressure
Tyre pressures.
Oil temperature

Could you connect a radar detector to an Arduino or a Rasberry-Pi?
I'm not sure what EGT is.
Also, thanks a lot for the great suggestions!

EGT= Exhaust gas temperature
Sure, why shouldn't you connect a radar to the PI ?

I'm a newbie with these systems.. I don't know how the pi can take data in or what it can do with it.

...I'll have to say, start simpler then... Hardware interfacing to the PI is non-trivial, and you need to master coding on it first.

Have you ever seen PI control multiple RGB led strips at the same time? Like this product does : heroicrobotics.com

That's an MBED processor. They are a LOT less powerful than Pi processors, so of course a Pi can do it.

I know the Pi has more power, but I've only seen people drive one strip from it. I'm wondering if the PI has the output capacity to drive several chains, or how one would go about setting that up if it did.

Is this turbocharged ?

No, it's a stock 2004 Honda Cbr600rr

I am thinking about adding some custom headlight fixtures, like Angel-Eyes and Projector bulbs, and the Audi style LED strip lighting, too.

I think it should be possible to control these using my Arduino/Rasberry-PI system, right?

You can add all sorts of stuff. Use the Pi for the display functions and maths, and use an Arduino for data collection. You could look around and find a nice OLed screen with Pi drivers from someone or other.

But what kinds of things might be interesting on the bike? I'm wondering what kinds of information I might want to have, if I can give it to myself. Stuff I might find useful riding.