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Motorized tablet Answered


I want to put my nexus 7 into my car but i need to access to my factory radio behind my tablet.

So i think about making motorized panel like this :


But i don't understand how make that ? What kind of motors  ? Actuator ?

Thank !

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Hydr0 (author)2012-11-06

My tablet isn't stay inside the car. I take them when i left.

What can i use for the side ? To avoid frictions ?

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caitlinsdad (author)2012-11-06

Not as common nowadays, but you would still be inviting car thieves to grab your tablet. Anyway, the motorized function seems slow and the extended panel can't be turned to the driver to adjust for glare or viewing. It is a simple matter of installing some kind of slide out shelf runners and a prop up or lever linkage to raise/lower the tablet. Remote cables or linkages to those raise-up antenna motors would be a good way to separate the mechanicals since you probably don't have much room to work with in the console fascia itself.

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