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Mounting stuff on the Roomba Discovery Answered

I keep seeing instructables about how to make stuff out of an irobot create, and got jealous. When my uncle got bored of his roomba discovery, he gave it to my grandma, who gave it to me, because she knew that I wanted it. When I got my hands on it, I searched through those Instructables vividly, hoping to find something to do with it (other than clean my house), but they were all for the create! So, I was wondering how I could mount something on top of my roomba. I also want to be able to program it. I found some sort of port thing underneath a cover on the side, I'm not sure if that's it. Finally, I want to know where I can find the cable that may or may not connect this port to my computer. Thanks.

EDIT: I added some pictures.


I had trouble trying to make mine into a ghost to drive around at a halloween party, but you may could to try something with a suction cup? I believe the port you found is for programming a schedule, i believe. Good luck hacking it to do other stuff-if that was easy they wouldn't have made the create.

Guess you have a point. I did, after about 2 months of 0 responses to this topic, try to attach an open pair of scissors to the bumper using duct tape. Let me tell you, THAT was fun. huahahahaha
But I don't think duct tape would hold some of the other things that I was thinking of putting on it. Then again, I could always work around that problem.

What about drilling holes/screws into the case? Would that damage the circuitry?


on a side note...why are you frowning?

because of summer break you are without students,right?

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