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Moving to the US? Answered

Hey everyone.

I'm rather young, but I'm trying to plan myself a future. I've though about being a programmer(I'm VERY good with both software and hardware, better than anyone else I know at my age) but I've decided wasting my entire life sitting in front of a monitor isn't for me. I want something more active, something that won't get be bored.

I'm into parkour recently, and I've always loved martial arts and knives. I thought if it's possible for me to develop a military career. I live in Israel but I really hate this place(the law is very tight and sensitive about whatever can cause harm. Knives are illegal to carry, even tear gas and pepper spray draw police attention) so I want to move to the US. My English is very good, but I heard it's hard to get there.
Other than that I though about developing a military career at the US army. I might change my mind, but I just wanna know how much of my plan is possible for now.

Once I turn 18 I have to serve at the military for 3 years, then once I'm 21 I wanna move to the US. Once I get there I wanna sign up to the army immediately. I'm not even sure I need a house as the army provides all I need, so I can basically live there. I would like to serve at rather high-risk force(snipers, green berets, etc) for as long as I can and then still work for the army at a more passive job, such as engineering, or research and development.

I know it might sound weird and stuff, but I really wanna be a soldier. Please tell me if my plan is possible, comment or correct it.

Thanks, Mike.


It is much easier to become an US citizen than any other nation in the world. I was interested in living in Spain and becoming a citizen but I have to live at least 10 years as a Spanish resident before I can apply for citizenship. Israel has great diplomatic relationships with the US. I don't see any problems for you. Mazel tov!


7 years ago

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I think what you need to do is go to the American Embassy there in Israel and talk to them. They are the ones that will provide you a visa and I am sure they will know about enlistment requirements. Foreign nationals can enlist in the US armed Forces and after a term of service can apply for citizenship. But the people at the embassy would have the details and be able to give you correct advice.

From the links I found you have to have a permanent residency, but not citizenship to join up.


It certainly used to be possible for foreign nationals to join the US forces as a route to citizenship.


Can you please link me to a place where I can find more info? I wasn't able to find anything.

Thanks, Mike.

I'm not sure Mike, I only know it WAS possible from this article.

However, looking now, it would appear you have to have a green card FIRST.