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Mp3 doorbell Answered

I'm trying to hook up a relay to the wires leading to a broken door chime in a way that when the button is pressed it causes the mp3 player to play an audio clip. what I need help on is the speaker, what I would like, is to have the speaker turn on when the button is pressed and to stay on for 5 or so seconds after the button is released. How would I do that?

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aaronXtreme (author)2012-07-21
Jayefuu (author)2012-07-16

1) You could load the mp3 player with a 5 second track.
2) You could have the button trigger a 555 monostable which turns the speaker on for 5 seconds.

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mh76dk (author)2012-07-15

Though i do not have much experience with them, a 555 timer (or one of its descendants) might be a way to go?

(if you search the web for 555 timer i am almost certain you can find a reasonably simple delay timer schematic)

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