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Mp5 challenge! Answered

Hi everyone, lately the guns being produced are great, have you guys seen the g36c, m4 and a hold load of the new snipers? there is just one thing i think we need, a mp5, with great looks,great fire, bottem load mag and true trigger. this would be greatly apreciated by many!


I'm actuly uploading one now


9 years ago



10 years ago

I am on it. A great gun for the SAS, the best soldiers in the world. It's ood to convert into knex as well. Everything scales easily. Sights easy to copy to.

Hopefully about the same size as the real one or soemthing i dont know.

ya there's allredy 2 mp5 instructables

i just finished the curved mag attached it to the barrel. the barrel is going to be a rail like mepains inferno. the mag is attached to the gun, so it can not be used as a removable mag(someone else can figure that out). the mag also does not use any bendys for hinges(but it uses 10 black hands) i wanted to get the caliber of the gun right so it will shoot grey connectors.

I can handle the detacheable part. I found out a good way to make it as if you notice the magazine goes in at a slant. I'll probably replicate the one from my MP5k that I never posted. I'd still think that the better caliber for this weapon is green rods though. Dark grey magazines would look to big on this gun.

I'm halfway through an Mp-7. Will that count?

i am going to try, but the expendable stock is going to kill me! i have ideas for all the parts and how to build it but i don't know how i will fit the stock into it. lets just hope for the best!

it sounds great, luk at my stock 4 ideas on extenable stock mate, but i realli am looking forward to it.


10 years ago

I might try it.

Hmm now that I look at it I could probably just rebuild my MP5k and replace the back with an extending stock and then replace the front part and add a new part that looks like an MP5 barrel. Shouldn't be too hard but I'd still rahter make what the majority wants so I'm going to wait until my poll is finished.

Dangit! I tried making one and it looked alright but not the best. As you can see by my profile picture I made (but now destroyed...) an MP5k although I desperatly needed to get a new handle.