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Muahhahahhahaa!!! Answered

DId it :D



The potatoes dude is me before I had plastic surgery.

Yeah. Man, I used to look like crud....

If only they were all useful posts... Like your lol here. C'mon.

Hey man, lets see you lose 6,000 commetns and not want to build back up :D

Huh? I was out of commission for about 3 months after heart surgery, I never made it any kind of campaign to build up comment totals....what gives?

ehh well... I've had a bit of a hiatus...

That would be great, but I wouldn't even try to go for a number. ...quality over quantity...

I wasnt counting, I just started replying then set a goal of 2 forum pages :D

I built up a loss of 3,000 comments to 6000!

And very few (if any, AFAIK) were useless or low quality.

you must be joking. The first 2000 were...

i love the sam clip potatoes the jedi one is cool to

Did what? lol

You missed it. I was the most recent commenter on two pages of forum topics.

Been there, done that.

its more fun on a faster forum. we used to try it all the time on the guitar hero forums. we called it an "Irongobbo" named after the first to do it to the GHC forums.

Yah, I tired doing it on the Runescape forums, and they suspended my account for a day >_

meh, i quite a year ago so no biggie..

lol. GHC bans you only if the posts are a complete waist of space (not remotely on the topic). sadly, i got b& for flooding using an exploit they had with their "new topic" post button (you can hit it multiple tiles for multiple threads).

Seriously, this campaign for comments borders on the spammy. I am unimpressed.

Agreed, the once or twice someone pointed out that I had done this I was like, wha? I hadn't TRIED to do it....

Why is this page filled with green checkmarks when I see it?