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Multi-Shot Knex Pistol MSP-35v2.9 Answered

I was going to make a shotgun that shot more than one bullet at a time, but it turned out pretty small so I made it a Multi-Shot Pistol. I'm not sure if I should post or not, so what do you guys think?



9 years ago


cool! like i said before

Rather sweet! :)

Thanks, check out the updated version.

Looks amazing, accurate? Post it btw!

It's made to have a spread of bullets, not accuracy.

Fair enough, still post, is it powerful??

where is the mag in the pistol? or do you load more than one ammo in the barrel?

ok, first of all, that version looks weird with the side panels. are they for support or something? then second, if it is pump-action, then its no longer a pistol, its a shotgun.

Look at the third picture.


9 years ago

Darn it you came up with the same idea i did!!! having the frame be the mag and barrel.... argh whatever yours looks better then mine... i say post but i could probably make off these pictures...

Thats pretty cool, the only thing is that the pump looks a little awkward but nonetheless it looks like once you complete it, its going to be a great shotgun =)

this looks darn good!!

looks good. i tried this but it didnt work too good. oh well... THIS GUN IS COOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!