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Multiple contest entries Answered

Several members have expressed concerns about projects being in more than one contest, yet only one contest vote-button appearing at the top of their instructable.

I think that we should either...

  • Have a row of button, one for each contest it is entered into (since it's a maximum of three, there's a narrow range of button-sizes that would need creating)
  • Have all the relevant banners appear stacked at the top of the project If that's too cluttered, then maybe all at the end, so votes would be cast by people who had actually gone through the project.
  • Have the required banners changing on a constant cycle.



I agree. Passed on to others. Thanks.

To let you know, I just got confirmation that this is something being worked on right now. So hopefully you'll see this change in a near future release.

I'm not sure. But doesn't being surprised sound like a little bit of fun?


Nah, it's cool. I'm glad the idea got taken up so quickly. If the dev team are feeling so receptive, why not see if they are up for adding this code to the site?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Then you would have TWO site improvements going at ONCE. Let's don't overwhelm them, now; it's a lot to handle right now and frankly it could take up to six months just to find the right file to edit.

I would have to agree with Lithium. One thing is a bit much to ask for...but two things?!?! I'll pass it on, but you might be pushing your luck. ^__^

Hey, my idea was just one of convenience - Jayfuu's code would drive traffic to the site.

Too late. You told them and now all their working memory is full.

It might clear their heads if you put them down for a nap, though.

I believe the devs are Autodesk codechimpanzees now. Please strike the term codemonkey as it has evolved.