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Multiple images not showing up when previewing an instructable Answered

I am making an Instructable. When I preview it, multiple images are not showing up. In step 2, two images are supposed to show up. but only the first image does. This is the Instructable. https://www.instructables.com/id/E9I6XUMHPBZTYFE/



Are you using the old or new editor? What browser and operating system are you using? What happens when you edit your project (add the images), click save, and then preview? Do you get any error messages at all?

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i can see two images in step 2. If you can't see this try disabling any script-blocking add-ons on your browser (like LastPass, or AdBlock), then refresh the page.

I don't use adblock or lastpass. I am not using any script blocking add-ons that I know of. Anything else? I would be most grateful for your help.I had a bit of computer trouble so I could not reply to you immediately.

In Step 2 I can see 2 images. If you cannot see two images in the link I provided it is likely a browser issue. Please make sure you have the latest browser version installed with no add-ons. You can also try another browser.

Please know that you will not be able to publish your project as you do not have an intro image, or an image for each step

Ok. I tried with another browser (Internet Exploerer) and it works. Maybe it is a problem with nightly. And I don't plan on publishing that project for a while since it is not even half completed.

Well I am using the old editor. Firefox Nightly 29.0a1 on Windows 8.1 x64. I usually type all the stuff and add the images afterwords. I added the first image and after that I added the second image. When I preview, only the first image (main image) shows. And no. No error messages. I would be very grateful for your help and I had a bit of computer trouble so I could not reply to you immediately.