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Music covers Answered

An example of a reasonably good song being reproduced:
Prince Buster- One Step Beyond- Ska- Blue Beat 45rpm
Probably better known by Madness - One Step Beyond

But covered again by some Italians(?) Videoclip del 1999 della cover di One Setp beyond dei Madness

Any other favorite covers?
E.g. Guns N' Roses - Live And Let Die. Original - Live and Let Die Bond sequence

Any that should never have been done?
E.g. Bangles - Hazy Shade of Winter. Original uncle munkle funkle

Inspiration from http://www.coudal.com,,


DJ Radio will love me for posting something to do with rap. Well the song lollipop by Lil Wayne is okay. But a rock band Framing Hanley redid it. So much better. Tell me wich you like better.

I don't much like either, but I guess I'd slightly prefer Lil Wayne. L

OH I dont like either much either but I mean it is still slightly better to me I dont go around listening to it but yah.

I guess you all know my Fav.

My second favorite is probably evident also.....so here is Sage and a lot of their coversincluding, Pictures From an Exhibition, from which Sage is taken.

Oh sorry, I didn't read that right, you didn't mean album covers, but rather reproduced covers.....sorry.

Well, 12" artwork is another good topic - you could start that? L

MADNESS!! They are so good, I really like baggy trousers, and driving in my car by them, but anyways, , umm good covers are: A Message to you Rudy by the specials originally by dandy livingstone. Monkey Man by the specials originally by toots and the maytals. well, to shorten it up, pretty much any cover the specials did cuz they did a few. I always thought 54-46 thats my number was a sublime song but I recently found out its not. Pretty cool stuff right there, yea so I like the og version better. The Misfits' Ratfink version of that comedian guy allan sherman's parody of ragmop. yea, i guess ill stop now even though i could go on . . .

Never heard that version. It's actually an old Dylan song, isn't it?

Yeah it is, they applied it to Margaret Thatcher instead.

Radiohead's version of "The Headmaster Ritual" is pretty good I think:

Here's one that should never have been done, it's got potential up to the 58 second mark.

Oh dear. Thanks for the post - this is the sort of thing I wanted. Do look at the one I dropped in way down below (this)


I like: Hammerfall - My Sharona Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver Disturbed - Land of Confusion In Flame - Land of Confusion Hallowed be thy Name - Cradle of Filth

"this song is extremely inspirayional perhaps if more people listened to disturbed the usa wouldnt suck so bad "
Mmm does sound quite a bit like Genesis (Michael Jackson's still dark-shinned in that video)

A couple of minutes was all I could take of Hallowed be thy Name - That might his style, but it sounds like he's struggling to sing that one, (thin & weedy voice)


Land of Confusion and Holy Diver are my favourites in that list. I don't like the Genesis version after listening to the Disturbed and In Flames versions. Perhaps since these two are more 'metal' as opposed to Genesis' rock sound. wrt Hallowed be thy Name.... I think I prefer the instrumental bits to iron maden's, but you're right about his 'singing'. He very rarely sings, more of a loud fast talking.

Although Genesis win hands down with the music video.

That's why I posted it. I'd agree with you on both counts. I don't much care for Bruce Dickinson's style, but he's got a strong voice and he can sing with it. (This is the sort of commenting I was after, so thanks) L Dio eh? I remember them from 20 odd years ago, or more.

I like Dio :D And I love Tenacious D for singing about him so I could listen :D I think I like both versions of Holy Diver though. They're both excellent.... but different. And stop using YouTube to listen to music. Spotify wins hands down.

I'll take a tip from you on Spotify then. L

talking of tributes/covers, I just found doogie white. They do some awesome covers!

Oh and I forgot, The Beat's version of "Tears of a clown".

One Step Beyond is one of my favourite all time songs, I seriously wish I could go to Madstock just to see it played live.

-Sid Vicious doing "My Way"!! -Ugly Kid Joe- "Cats in the Cradle" -And my favorite: Metallica-Whiskey in the Jar

My Way I know, Metallica doing Whiskey in the Jar-o is a new one, I might have to see if I can find that. L

Yeah it's a good rendition of the son.. It's nothing like the Dubliners. But I'd say it is a respectful tribute to Thin Lizzy. But when you hear it, its ALL Metallica.

sorry. Good rendition of the SONG (not son).

My favorite cover of any song ever is this one of Viva La Vida by Coldplay.

Covers, covers, let's see... Oh yeah, here's some of my favorites. Fall Out Boy's cover for Akon's Don't Matter, Cobra Starship's parody and cover for Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl, +44 cover of Blink 182's What's My Age Again and D@mmit, Panic! At The Disco's cover of Fall Out Boy's Dance Dance in the song What A Catch, Donnie by Fall Out Boy, Fall Out Boy's cover of Timbaland's One And Only (although a few parts are still sung by Timbaland).

Cheers, I'll try to look them up. L

You can find most of them on YouTube.