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Music player from old portable stero? Answered

I recently obtained an old stero with the capability of using batteries or an electrical cord on the back to play music,listen to the radio,and the likes. The case is busted up and stuff. Is there a way to repurpose this device? Id like to take out the speakers and the headphone jack. Forget the cd player and radio and all. Id like to take out just the speakers and jack and make portable speakers with a jack for an mp3 player. Im not much of an expert on this. Do i need to keep the battieres/electrical cord? or can i do away with it. How long would it last running off a regular mp3 player?



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you're going to run larger speakers off the mp3 then you need to run it thru the amp in the radio.  Otherwise I doubt that you'll be able to even hear the new speakers.

If you can find the input where the cd player connects you can connect a jack there to plug in the mp3 player there and it will feed thru the amp.  You might have to trick the amp into thinking that the cd is still connected and turned on.

Keep the battery power AND the a/c cord if you can.

.  The physical size of speakers/drivers doesn't have much of an effect on how loud they sound at the same power level and the same distance from the eardrum.
.  Distance from driver to eardrum will have a huge effect. Since you don't usually stick larger speakers in your ear canal, they are usually considerably farther from the eardrum and often require orders of magnitude more power to sound as loud.
. </picky,picky,picky>

I was assuming that the new speakers would be used at the usual listening distance, but your are correct.

Find the CD-feed to the amplifier, connect it to the headphone-jack. (Ditch the rest)