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Music stops as soon as the solder on the 3.5 mm jack dries after application? Answered

well...I have been repairing headphones for about a year now...like switching drivers..changing jacks and so on..so i have fair experience with soldering...well..I have a pair of audio technica -FC700A's which as really great for the small price i paid..and so later, i exchanged the cables(which were thin as string!) with more stronger and better Sony headphone cables(my old pair)..they worked fine for few months..but now i ruined my previous jack..and bought a new gold plated one...i connected the wires correctly..left, right and common..but I have a problem with the left wire(red)..i soldered it on to the point but the sound plays only when the solder is wet(or hot or still gooey)..as sson as the solder dries(cools down) the sound stops...i dont know what im doing wrong..is it dirt in the solder? or some gap? please help..im stuck!! Thanks..


It might be a case of bad soldering, so try what the others suggested.

Another guess: It might be a kind of hair crack somewhere in the jack. As long as the metal is hot, it expands and fills the gap, if it cools down, it shrinks and the gap opens.
Try to bend the jack (I guess it's actually the plug that you mean?) to test if you can get a contact. If it is a hair crack... well, time to by a new one.

Can you show us a picture?
Bad soldering in some way, but I can't see how at the moment.


Yup..i think its a case of bad soldering..will try doing it again..! and see if they work and THEN ill post a pic..:P...


7 years ago

First, I see that you just joined Instructables. Welcome!

I would suggest that you remove all the solder, (heat it until it melts and then tap it to shake it off or use a solder removal strip, which is fine braided copper wire that soaks up solder) Then brush the surfaces with a fine wire brush to scratch it up and remove any oxidation. And finally resolder it. It may not be sticking to the gold plating (which may not even be gold) and scratching will give it more surface to grab on to and get through any varnish they may have put on it.

By the way, I don't mean to be picky but solder does not dry, it hardens because it is melted metal. It changes state from liquid to solid but does not change chemically as a glue does when it dries.

Yes!! i will try it out soon..and let everyone know if they worked..! Thanks for the advice..and yeah..I was looking for the word "harden"..!! just used what i got in my mind!!...:)