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Musical Tesla Coil !!!! :D Answered


There's lots of info on the net about making your own Tesla Coils. Making them play music? Can't be done. Those videos are creations of splicing the music over loops of the coils video.

dude you can play music through a tesla coil just search musical tesla coil on youtube and you will se. I doubt that all of those people faked it.

I can assure you it can be done, I am the one who designed those tesla coils. :) If anyone is interested to learn how they work, you are welcome to email me at epilectrik-at-gmail.com

Since you're here now, I'd love to see an instructable about how to feed audio through a tesla coil..

I would love to, but don't have that kind of time right now. Any information can be gotten by visiting www.thegeekgroup.org . Also, I'd like to mention that I can only take credit to the ghostbusters video in the above links, the other was created by Steve Conner. I didn't check both links before I made my post earlier. Also, do a youtube search for "Musical Tesla Coil", all the videos that are from "The Geek Group" are ours.

I'm not convinced that it can't be done, though it wouldn't be easy. The discharge produces noise, it could be modulated, but I don't think you'd get Ghostbusters out of it...


9 years ago

I've been looking into this for a while and found a guy that sells premade boards to modify an existing coil. I haven't ordered one yet as my coil is only 70% done


ok you guys, heres the low-down... its a bit late, but whatever... the thing is, the tesla coil produces square waves when it discharges that big torrodial capacitor of ultimate doom.. so the music you use should sound something like either A) a midi (musical instraument digitial interface) file. old music tech thats used to pickup from keyboards and such. or, go for rage against the machines.. I noticed an extremely high useage of square waves in their music, the song "fear" by adam freeland from the game "rez" would also work wonders on a tesla solid state amplifier...

Technically, it is very simple. Just hook up some speakers to whatever is playing it, and then tap into the line of one. Run it through an IC to change the voltage depending on pitch, and put it on some HV transistors. The transistors hook up to the line going into the tesla coil. There you have it. It's the same principal as sound activated plasma globes. I have done it to one of my small coils before.


11 years ago

I've seen it done and also have the custom soundtrack from a demo. It involved using large valve tubes to resonate the coil AND amplitude modulate it. An easier similar effect can be done with a candle and playing an amplifier into the low voltage end of a transformer, with the line voltage end's wires pointing into a flame, and the flame will also make music like the tesla lightning does, but without the added complexity of resonating and modulating a high voltage sparking coil.

ah Yes I remember my father (Masters in EE) doing that trick when I was a kid.

You need a high voltage AC supply, wire and some other electricals. Search the internet and you'll find plenty.