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Musical greeting card player - how to attach it to a door, so it plays when the door opens? Answered

I hope someone can help me figure out how to remove the guts of a musical greeting card and somehow attach it all to a door frame so when the door opens, the song plays. Thanks!


I've been working on this. If you take apart the card there is a circuit that connects when card is opened. i want to make an instructable on how to attach it to a door. It's up in the air on whether to put it in the door crack or to figure a way to attach it to the out side, but either way you should put it on the inside an make it so the wires touch when the door opens.

If you look at the card before you remove the electronics, there is a little piece of plastic or cardstock that slides into a switch that turns the electronics on and off. Just duplicate that on the much larger door.

wire the switch to a burgular alarm switch you have wired to the door.