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My 11 year old cat is acting strange? Answered

My cat is always up on the couch or on the table he is never in the ground. He won't jump down, only when he is eating or going to the bathroom. I'm scared my mom says he might has fleas cause that's what he did when we had them. But my mom bought the stuff just incase   He did, but when she put the stuff on him he still is acting  weird. Please help he is my best friend I have had him since I was 4.   



Cats are weird.

If you are truly worried, contact a professional.

Remember: Free medical advice from strangers on the Internet is often worth less than you pay for it.


4 years ago

The average age for a cared for cat has now increased from 12 to 14 years so 11 is pretty old. The number of cats living to 20 has increased a lot also so it is hard to say how long he might have left. But your cat is "elderly". Because of that he could easily have changed his normal behavior as he is "not a kid anymore" . Arthritis could be a problem. Seeing and hearing could be a problem. He may have become afraid of something. One of mine is afraid of big storms with thunder. I don't remember it being something she used to do but now whenever there is a storm she wanders around growling and hiding. So it could be anything causing a change in behavior. A check up would be a very good idea if you can get one for him. If he checks out then watch him and try to figure out why he might have changed his behavior. If you have ever watched "My cat from Hell" you would find that there are all kinds of things that could be a problem. It could even be a new cat outside that he is smelling and is afraid of.

Then take him to a vet. He may be sick. 11 is fairly old for a cat so he might having problems attributed to old age.