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My 3D print Answered

It has been a few weeks since I received my 3d print but I still wanted to put this on. I really like the way it turned out!!!!!

For some reason, the uploader turns my pictures :S



5 years ago

You're mastering new skills, aren't you!? Thumbs up! Where did you do this?

My first 3d print failed miserably last week (instead, I did my first lasercut part, which was a success. Phew...)

A few months ago there was a (temporary) group here at instructables, you could submit a featured instructable and then earn a 3D print you designed yourself

That's nice - how big is it?

(I'm guessing you took the photo with a device with auto-rotate, like an iPod? You need to upload it to your computer, check which way up it is there, and rotate if needed.)

It's 7.5 cm/ 3 inches

I took the pic with my camerea and uploaded it to my computer, I wanted to add screen dump but the uploader isn't working at all now, I'm going to try a different webbrowser

It looks great! What's on the 'filled' side? What software did you use to do the modelling and make the raised lettering?

I made it in blender. The filled side is still the text, I made in extend through the model