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My Computer is really messed up, with spyware and such! Please help! Answered

My computer has a Trojan on it, and a lot of other spyware.

Does anybody know any programs you can download to actually remove the threats?
I tried Spyware Doctor, didn't work.
It only scans.

I need it badly, I actually have 2 Trojans...
Please help, thanks!


try reformating the computer, that usually works for me.

. The aforementioned AVG, Spybot Search & Destroy, Avira Antivir, Windows Defender. Plus a decent firewall: ZoneAlarm. And a Registry cleaner: RegSeeker. Many others available - that's just the ones I've used and been happy with.

I always found avast! to be the best for both resident protection and scanning.

No help on getting rid of your problems, but once you do, download Firefox, the worlds best and most secure internet browser in the universe.

I use Firefox enough already. Always going to stick to it. :-) And I got the problem fixed. Just system restored.

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start from scratch. pop in the mfg CD and start all over. tis what i do :]

hardly anything works on linux :/ the problem is that MS dominates the market. thats why i stick with Windows on my main PCs, and Linux on smaller, purpose-specific PCs

Have you tried AVG?

theres an avg anti virus and an avg anti-spyware. both free

call a tech priest for exorcism. or use avg+avast+pc tools firewall