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My DJ Radio tribute! Answered

My DJ Radio tribute! What do you think?


Set it alight, complain about how it doesn't 'have the right' to burn like that, and watch. NOW you have yourself a DJ Radio Tribute.

Why don't I set YOU alight and watch as you burn like that?

It's rather skilful, and definitely a tribute, but...

...am I the only one who thinks it says "DiRadio"?

yea it does, because the tail to the "j" is backwards.

Hey, I just decided to make you one! Only on an A4, but oh well :P

Some people curve their J's backwards, but that's a minority of people.

That was actually a mistakes, but who cares, lol :-)

Yeah, I figured that too, once I had finished it in permanent marker. Lol. Look on DJ's profile, at his OB. I made a better one.

I'll alert DJ

You don't have to, if it's really that important, I'll find out eventually.  

Can you show us how to make that head-gear? I like it, it's reallyblack.


Sure thing! Well first, I... uh...


Ima subscribe to you just for that.  That just landed you in my about me.


8 years ago

even better! lol