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My Dad Just Joined Answered

Hey everyone. My dad just joined Instructables. He helped me with the Hot Dog instructable and will probably be making his own Instructables soon. His profile is... here.


Cool, my dad is joining to answer the how to land a plane burning question.

Cool! Does he have his license? I was going to post something, but if he's more knowledgeable then...

He's flown everything from small private planes to cargo planes. He is now a commercial airline pilot.

That is cool and important to know how to land a plane burning...

Lol! Just landing a plane under normal circumstances is complicated enough. Dad's written two pages (I'm making him type it on Word first) and says he hasn't really covered anything yet.

Two pages so far, and that's only on familiarizing yourself with the controls!

It's a mess in some planes...

The caravan couldn't be simpler to fly but landings are so complicated without having landing gear operation or anything since it's fixed, I couldn't write an 'ible on anything other than smaller planes...

Gasp....and to think I could have joined to answer how to do laundy.....

I'll do it! I'll do it! Gasp...gasp... what have I gotten myself in to.........

I done it .. I DONE IT........
GASP...... GASP ....... LinuxH4x0r wasn't even around to help!

Oh yeah, you said something about that somewhere else. I'm looking forward to seeing his instructable.

Yay! I had read this earlier but I completely forgot to reply. I think this whole parents+kids thing on the site is really exciting. :D

Yay! Another person older than me! Goodhart and Nacho make me feel young. The more the merrier!

Yay! Grown-ups!

We'll finally whip you youngsters into shape. Either that or drive you away under a barrage of nostalgia...

Ha! I can take two adults!!!! I'll talk crazy!!!

Aw....but then you'll just throw confusing facts at me.....Did you know that if you don't clean your ears, gnomes move into your head and kick your eyeballs out?!

Noooooooooooo!!!! *Runs off to clean inside of ears*

Ha! I can take two adults!!!! I'll talk crazy!!!

Two ? hmmm


It is what? For some reason I keep typing 'whar" instead of "what". I did it again while typing that last "what".

Thank you all for the warm welcome! I'm looking forward to publishing my first instructable.

Ha! I had already welcomed him!!!!

I would have said Gasp but I think you would have spat on my shoe again.

So everybody start behaving.


9 years ago

Welcome to Instructables