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My Dell Inspiron mini 10 isn't working and the light for the power cable won't turn on. Could someone please help me? Answered

I have a Dell Inspiron mini 10 and it hasn't been working. At first it was working fine, then the power cord started acting weird. We had to turn the cable in the plug in the net book until the light came on and it kinda worked, then the cable light wouldn't turn on one day and the net book wouldn't start up. I wouldn't like to have to buy another cable if I don't need to. Thanks! 

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bwrussell (author)2012-09-27
Most likely causes:
  • Broken cord. Check the cords, especially near the ends for broken insulation. This is the cheapest fix with a part off of Amazon or eBay.
  • Broken transformer (the box in the middle of the cord or the box that plugs into the wall). It's hard to know if this is the problem unless you heard a pop come from it at some point. It's probably easiest to just buy a new transformer which should come with all the cords. Again Amazon or eBay are the cheapest options.
  • Busted power connector. You're probably going to have to have someone qualified fix it if this is the problem. If the connector is loose and wiggles around then this is likely the case.
The most likely problem is number 1 or 2 if indeed the light on the transformer box went out. This means either no power is getting to it or it is broken. If it's just the light on the computer that doesn't come on then it's probably the connector, #3.

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Libahunt (author)2012-09-27

Where is the light that does not turn on? On the laptop or on the power adaptor? If it's on the adaptor then the adaptor is the problem and 99% chance you have to buy new one.

Do you remember what kind of movement exacty made it work before? If it was turning and moving of the plug, then the problem is probably on the side of the computer connector. This will probably be expensive fix if you have no warranty or a handyman friend..

If it was wiggling around the cable, that made it work before, then you should purchase new plug, cut off the old plug and also some length of the cable, dissect the old plug to find out which way the cables must connect and do soldering on the new plug.

Anyway do another through wiggling-the-cable-everywhere test just in case it reveals something.

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mpilchfamily (author)2012-09-26

Sounds like you have a dead battery and possibly a broken power connector on the netbook. If you where having to spin the plug in the netbook's connector then the connector has come loose from the main board. Its a common problem on netbooks and laptops. If the unit is still under warranty then have it sent in for repairs. If not you can either fix it yourself, if your comfortable with soldering, or spend some money to have a technician fix it for you. Which means spending more then you would on a new power adapter.

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