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My Knex Attachments Answered

any attachment you want, ask, ill try and make it.

1) Holographic sight
2) Sniper scope
3) M203 Grenade Launcher


For a holographic sight with a REAL RETICLE, CHECK OUT MY SEMI AUTO VECTOR! It requires no form of electricity or form to make the reticle, just use a friggin MARKER PEN

For a Grenade Launcher: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvOQeDl3AJU

Can you make an M203 that shoots? PLeeeeZ!

wat about a thermal scope or like...something shaped like that

oooh, i like the holographic, and I agree with hiyadudez, make a grenade launcher.

making a shooting 40mm GL would look buff and nothing like it, it will need to be a bolt so it wont look like a real one, it will be half attached and half of.

Got a laser pointer? Try making a housing for it so that you can attach it to a rail.

tried it buy comes out far to big, im sure someone els has done it before. sorry.

took me sometime to understand that, no i don,t sorry ill get a pen and use that to build aroud

ermm.. i only make models. nothing real/working. so how do you mean laser pointer? ill try..

Try and make a grenade launcher.

That attaches to the bottom of a gun by sliding it onto a rail type thing.

done it + posted 2 pic, something u were looking for?

you mean so you can remove it with no trouble? ill try and make one to look as real as i can, ive tried before but didnt get anywhere, ill post wot i get


7 years ago

i love the holographic!