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My LCD screen is flickering when I turn it on. Should I leave it on constantly, or just let it flicker when I start it? Answered

It takes several power cycles to get it to finally fire up, then it works fine. It seems to take more power cycles to get it to fire up every time. I can leave it on and it's fine. What is going to make it last longer before I have to repair, or replace it: leaving it on, or cold starting it every day?


LCD screens have a fluorescent light backlight and it sounds like the starter circuit for this is failing (in the same way as overhead fluorescent lights do). Leave it on but turn the brightness right down when you're not using it and it will last a fair while longer (but bear in mind it's using power all the time).

However, you may be foiled by the display's power saving features which might turn off the tube anyway.

Great idea to turn the brightness down. Unfortunately I didn't get to test any theories as it failed about 36 hours after I posted this. I'd left it on that whole time.

Interesting point about the power saver. I don't know why it didn't turn it off. It did stay on for some reason. It went black, but the tube was still lit behind the black. I know I'd had it on auto off before.

Well, now it's a project to play with.