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My Laser Sailboat! Answered

Well, as not very many of you, my family owns a sailboat - a one man racing sailboat called a Laser. I just thought I'd show it to you guys. Its a blast to ride, you can go very fast, all at no cost to the environment! Hope you enjoy it. IaC 1: Rocking it pretty fast. The boom smashing through the water is slowing me down a bit though. 2: I got caught in irons on a bad tack here, the wind was really going too. 3: Dry roll time! When the boat flips, you can hop over the side and stand on the daggarboard to right it. f you do it right, you wont even get wet. 4: Cruising on a broad reach. Good times!


LASERS!!!! Do you take sailing courses? I've done all three white sails, but haven't done bronze yet.

Nay, I'm too good for sailing courses. :-) Naw, my brother has been to sailing camps and things and he just gives me the odd tip and whatnot, its not complicated to sail, just difficult and intense.

I learned how to dry roll and a bunch of laws that aren't important unless you have a >12M boat

I see. It would be interesting to take lessons, I spose.

If you want to get into racing, though, bronze and silver are essential. I have my silver VI

Well, my boats are mostly 12' davidsons, which aren't fast at all.

That looks so fun!! We don't even have a lake within 30 miles of us.

I'm like 11 hours away from the ocean. lol

yep. i also live two blocks from Navy Pier, Water Tower Place, Michigan Ave. and just about everything else worth seeing in chicago-the things that aren't two blocks away are still within easy walking distance.

I love Navy Pier, the Ferris wheel is awesome. I went to Chicago this summer, and I might go back when the Chicago Spire is finished.

I live on a waterfront property on a tiny little island.....

huh. i live within a couple blocks of everything worth seeing nin downtown chicago. the other stuff worth seeing is still within walking distance of me.

Percy Priest Lake is 30 minutes away from where I live, but my parents are always too lazy to drive there.


8 years ago

I Love sailing! My Dad has the racing version of another laser (I think it's a laser) which is called a Miricale. It's a big wooden thing and it has 2 sails, so if we go out together I get the little one to control. Unfortunateltly I screwed up and the boat flipped. Twice. In the sea. Cold British Sea.

Oops I spelt Miracle wrong!


8 years ago

I have used lasers before, they are a lot of fun, you just have to watch out for the boom.

Yeah. I roll-tacked once and got my foot stuck in the hiking strap - loosened up a few of my teeth...


8 years ago

That looks fun :-)

Fricken sweet!! We just moved close to a lake, I really wanna build myself a nice little 'cat

so is it REALLY powered by laser beams? =P

That is fun, wish I could do it....

That second picture reminds me of Wilson from "Home improvement". He always covered his face with something (well the bottom part of it anyways.)

bout how fast do you go? and what sean is it up there in ausome canada

Thats hard to say, in a strong wind you could go at least over 15 KPH on a good beam reach I would think.

Looks like fun! I don't know anything about sailboats; when I first saw the title, I thought it was a sailboat with lasers on it :-P

It is fun. I don't think you were the only one who thought that, perhaps I should change the title...

I remember feeling vaguely disappointed when I encountered my first Laser, many years ago.

It was just a boat. No death rays at all!

Lucky! I love sailing! My most favorite part is especially heeling and capsizing! The only bad part is around me (I'm in near a bay, btw) there's a whole bunch of jellyfish! I much prefer sailing at a lake. This 26th I'm going sailing on a 22-footer my uncle is renting. And better set the jellyfish are starting to leave! :-D

Dry rolling is nice, you can catch your breath when you do. And when you turtle you could prettymuch have a nap on the hull. Sounds like fun where you're going, have fun!