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My Latest Instructable Not Showing Up In Search Answered

Hi! I published an instructable a few hours ago but it isn't showing up in the search. It's called Teddy Gets a Sweetheart Dress. I also entered it in the new craft speed challenge if that helps (?). Thanks for any help you can give. :) Normally my instructables show up in the recent spot of the categories I entered them in a few mins. after publication.


It looks like you've triggered the automatic filters, which means you'll have to wait for a human to set it free. Don't worry, it's still "office hours" at HQ, so you shouldn't have long to wait.

(See my PM for more details)

The filters have arcane rules known only to themselves - we mere mortals can only surmise them from observation at a humble distance.

Only having one photo in a slideshow might have something to do with it, though...

lol. Thanks, kiteman. My instructable is now visible. ;)

You're welcome, except it was not I that released your project.

Rather, it's called Bear Gets a Sweetheart Dress...sorry. Anyway, it seems to have gotten lost somewhere.