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My Little Trees' Leaves Have Dried... Answered

I have cups with little trees growing in them, and they recently got mold on the soil and their leaves are dry (but are still green).  I got rid of as much of the mold as I could and have given them more water, but...  Will they survive?


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mpilchfamilyBest Answer (author)2014-06-05

Probably not. Do a small cut into the wood near the base and see if it's still green and moist. If not it's dead.

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Diaphane (author)2014-06-12

Do your cups have holes in the bottom so the excess water can drain out? If maybe you gave them too much water and that water stayed at the bottom of the cup then the trees have "wet feet" and most plants don't like that. You could try to plant them in new pots with drainage holes and fresh soil. But it is hard to give advice without knowing what kind of trees you have and how the pots look. Could you add a picture?

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Libahunt (author)2014-06-08

Was the soil actually dry? Mold grows on moisture. Plants from dry places can die when they have their roots constatly in too damp soil.

Some very northern trees that are supposed to drop their leaves in winter may not be suitable for growing indoors.

Find out what type of plants they are and keep them in proper conditions for few weeks to see what happens. I have made a house plant that was in too hot place and dropped all of it's leaves to resurrect by moving it into cooler place and watering properly. But of course there's no guarantee.

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