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My NEW Knex Ball Machine(In Progress) Answered

Heres the new ball machine I made and am still making so I thought I might share it to you guys



I hate to say but I accidently trippid on my extra red tubing and I landed on the ball machine so I decided to take it apart and try making a booster coaster and I will post it on SScoasters.net

Yes thats true but I think it looks pretty cool and it would be impossible without tubing and I will post a video soon

Well, yuo could make other elemts without tubing press the reply button next time

Uses too much tubing

Interesting! I love ball machines, even when they are made from knex!

Ya well I was trying to make this new element "Moving Paths" where the paths move and I got it to work but Its more like a prototype than a working thing or something but I will post video soon I just borrowed my friends digital camera.


9 years ago

Nice machine so far ;) Can't wait to see what its like when its done!