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My New Forum Answered

Alright sorry I know DGM already made a thread for me but I'm going to make my own so that I may update it with the most recent additions. We're are still very much alive and not closing down after all.


Alright so I made a site called K'nexables (uncreative I know I just wanted a quick name) because I didn't like everyone clinging to 'ibles. I know that the insults have gone down but we'll never be highly respected in the community. And it would still be nice to have a place of our own. However, KI isn't a favorite for some of you. I can't blame you but I know there are those of you who like it so I'm not targeting you. I'm not trying to compete with KI I'm simply giving those who don't like it the option to join me. You may be wondering- What does TheDunkis's site have that would make me want to use that instead? Well here are some current features and some soon to come.

-Chat with different categories based on the forum. If you're a member of the forum you're a member of the chat.
-Wide selection of categories including non K'nex topics.
-Good amount of BBcodes to make posting easier.
-VIP forum. Equivalent of the Secret forum on KI but there are many more ways to get into it.
-Constant Contest. We may have more than one running at a time (although all ending at different times so that you may participate in all of them even if low on pieces). Sorry our prizes aren't physical but you can still earn a variety of forum prizes.
-Friendly atmosphere. We'll attempt to be a little more friendly than KI. Not saying that KI isn't but they can be intimidating to new members. I'll have some firm but strict rules with a fair and just punishment system.
-Not that most of you even care but me and couple others are planning on prioritizing KA as our main posting site. All of my future projects will be posted here and you'll have to join in order to see them. I'll post them here too though just not for like a month after posted on KA.

Alright I think that's all of them so far. Here's a list of the things I'm planning on adding.
-Ranks with K'nex pieces for images
-Karma or forum rep
-Possibly a cash mod for an online forum economy (trust me it'll be used in a variety of ways)
-Possibly a portal mod. A sort of front page that has many useful tools.
-Anything you want! We'll pretty much add anything that seems helpful and easy if you suggest it. We'll pretty always add a new category if you suggest it as long as it makes sense.

Any questions?


Its down again.

ugh... Yeah that happens. Once the site becomes popular enough, I'll look into donations and possibly my own pocket to get money to switch hosts. Hauling over all the files is hard though so we're only going to make the switch from this to a payed host and nothing else.

Sorry to say that pointing it out won't do a thing. I'll notice when it's down and there's still nothing that I can do about it. Just wait it out. Most down times are just for a couple hours. A day is usually the worst.

Well first off, my browser says the link is broken (im using google chrome). I dont like forum rep as it generates bakenbitz/mepain-like attitudes among the ones with high rep. Lastly, we could feature builds or do some kinda "____ of the month" thing.

Alright hopefully I'll get karma up this weekend. My friend has been gone so I haven't been able to talk about it with him but I'll do it without him if he's not around this weekend.

Man, so many of you gus are registered. Now go post some comments!

The activation e-mail still has not been sent!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i'm now in a huff

Alright sorry about that. Just check our junk box if you haven't I'm 99% sure that it's in there because almost all email filters tag emails from forums as spam.

still no e-mail try deleting the user orangutang I will make a new one but try to put a correct e-mail in

You should be a member now I just added everyone that didn't get or check for their email. Unfortunatly, now the site is down.

The website is not working....

I noticed. Sorry the host must be working on something.

I know, with my personal experience, Zymic is a terribly unpredictable webhost; down a lot.

Yeah. My friend just started off using the host without even giving me the chance to tell him to use something else. He thought that we'd be so successful because he's better at web building even though the whole reason our last site failed was because of down time.

Yeah. I wish freewebs would enable php. Maybe buy a host, like hostgator.

Also, constructively, the theme is a little hard on the eyes. Actually, the only part that is even remotely hard to read is the part that highlights when you roll over it; those gradient-y things inside each category. Other than that, it looks good.

Yeah. My friend also chose out the gradients and he stopped working on KA. It would be great if I could use freewebs for phpBB forums. I remember that was like my first web building site but it was a major disappointment when I found out that I couldn't use php so I moved on.

Ok TD i am going to post my German Mauser there, Just need to find the image code...

Alright sorry people. I just manually activated everyone's accounts so you should be able to access the forum now. The email should be in your junk email most likely but no matter I changed it so that emails are no longer sent out. I'll have to change this if we get spam bots though.


9 years ago

Instructables, Knexinnovation, now this >.< Hard to keep track of everything!

i wish you success my tip - give up all the vip and rating stuff. community integrity is much higher when there is no ruler that measures it