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My New-ish Sniper Answered

Well, a few people knew about this, and I finally got around to putting up some pics. It has a new-ish handle that is really simple yet comfy, a new-ish handgrip that is simple yet comfy, a new-ish barrel that is out of the norm, a removable red rod mag, nine connectors of friction and a full black rod of ram pullback, a true trigger(duh), and a swinging bipod that attatches to the barrel when not in use. That's it for the pros. Now, it's rather bulky, it has so-so power(though I never really went for that), the barrel is sorta flimsy(workin on that), the trigger tends to not take too much pressure(workin on that), and the stock is wierd lookin. That's it for the cons. Yes, yes,yes,yes I know my camera is crappy....it's too bright in all lighting.... Ironically, I finished this two days before school starts, so I don't know when I'd be able to post it, if I intended to...but say your thoughts on it anyway.... Oh, and by the way, if you fell like leaving a random or off topic comment, I'm no Nazi *cough*TheDunkis*cough*.... I got to type this all over again, because it would seem that the first time, the pictures wouldn't upload.... If you need more pics of it, let meh know! Also, just to let you guys know, I had two options: 1- let this thing have more jams than a Smuckers factory, or 2- make it so it cant jam, but you have to lightly tap the pusher for it to shoot. I went with the latter, so it adds like one second to the firing rate....


I guess he meant that I didn't like when people got off topic. I guess it's just because I still believe in respect and getting of topic is disrespectful to the TC. I hate them youngins... You should see KI though. That's being Nazi right there.

yeah mepain almost banned me yesterday for accidentally double posting.

Must I come and correct everything that you lie about?

First, Dunkis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin%27s_Law

Second, knexfan, I didn't "almost ban you", I warned you. Significant difference. You also left out part of the story, as most upset people usually do. oodalumps said to stop flaming people in the thread, and after saying that the next person to do so would be banned for a month. Another user came and continued flaming, yet was not banned, only warned. You decided to continue the flamefest with a double post.

Banning people because they double posted is just silly.

ok sorry for misinterpreting that warning.

If I could get one wish that wish would be bring back the old Instructables message viewer.

More of slower for me because it takes a while for my computer to connect to instructables.

I didn't think you guys were that strict, lol.

Not really, just don't act an "eedeeaut" and you'll be fine lol, honestly, I'm beginning to prefer KI, something I never thought I'd say.

Yeah well you gotta watch out for that. I delete my post if I notice I double posted. The only other time I find it acceptable is if you posted last in an old thread that you want to bump. I'll be a little easier on my forum. I think KI just intimidates too many of the knexers.

I don't really understand why you keep bashing KI all the time. If you can't cope with strict rules, then don't try to. It's as simple as that.

I just can't stand how they run. I try getting used to it but I can't. For the most part I can never get a long with anyone. Something always arises between me and someone else so for now I'm just not going back to KI before I kill my limping reputation

Wow....you guys took my "Free to be off topic" thing real seriously.....


Thanks but I'm sure a good amount of people on KI are pretty annoyed with me so I'm staying out of their faces for a little while.

My pc sometimes double-posts on its own, but it don't happen so much anymore.

That's called impatience, if the page doesn't load and you click the post button again, it will post your reply twice.

I don't click the post button twice, I don't click anything apart from post once, lol.

well, the entire back assembley. Whats in the picture, to be exact.

Trigger 001.jpg

Ooooh...but still....71?!?! Something tells me I can't build that one either....

A lot smaller, more piece effecient, on wheels... its mostly for people with less pieces.

Lol....Well, I actually might be able to build it...depends on the yellow connector count, and 3d piece count...

It was designed to be effecient on both of those... I guess you'll dfind out when I post it!

Done! And what happened to your picture...unless...you took my advice on pixelation..

Oblivitus did it. Its a canadian flag pasted over my origonal picture. I might change back.

ITs a great grey... Im just going back to my origonal. Its teh best.