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My Newest Knex Gun project z Answered

This is my newest knex gun. It is a REAL bolt action and has two modes sniper and assault



post it, it looks very good.

Thanks. I think I've finally found the avatar I want to stick with for a while.


10 years ago

Probably could be made a bit smaller. I like it and the technology is very good though - people will want to make this.

remember that's the whole point of a knex sniper!! That's why I'm trying to go for making one no bigger than Gorkem's. The smallest gun we have here that is classified as a sniper is ipod killer's.

Yes but what I meant was there is no real point adding all that extra covering just so you can call it a sniper.

I know. but remember that's basically what it means to be a sniper all though this is a very crude way. I still do believe that the guns that are actually considered snipers are too big. There was that one old contest on the best sniper and they also took results by how many more pieces a sniper used. Wouldn't it make more sense for a better sniper to be small?

hows it sniper and assult. assult is like semi auto and sniper is bolt action sniper or semi auto sniper?

theres two different styles q demonstrates it a lil bit better

its both because the bolt handle is removable the stock's length can be changed to make the gun more manuverable


10 years ago

This is not a true bolt action. A true bolt action is a gun that has two "barrels". It has one barrel with a magazine attached where the bolt goes and another barrel where the bullet actually gets fired. In a true bolt action you pull back the bolt and the firing pin at the same time, and then you push the bolt forward which moves the bullet from the barrel with the magazine into the barrel where the firing pin goes. Then you press the trigger which fires the round.
This is a true bolt action that I made:
This is it with the bolt and firing pin back:
This is it with firing pin back and the bolt forward:
These are the 2 barrels, the one with the mag is where the bolt is and the one that is covered by orange connectors is the one with the firing pin:

There aren't 2 barrels in a bolt action, there is a magazine and a chamber. However what you have made is a rod pusher which reduces friction and weight on the rod by putting it in another chamber.

yes, when he posted this we did not have any real bolt action rifles, so this was concerted true bolt action.

You should take off all of the ugly framework in front of the trigger. Also, wouldn't the bolt just snap if you put too many elastic bands on the ram?

Ok then. Looks better than the previous ones by the way.

Courtesy of Mepain.

this thread is useless.gif

i like it, but i don't really care for string triggers. i made a bolt action true trigger called the r44p that i posted about a week ago on KI. if you have an account, you should check it out, you know, get some ideas.

Do you have to push the bolt forward to load another shot? If you don't, it isn't a true bolt action.

There isn't anything about requiring to push the bolt forward to load another shot, all thats been said is that you are able to push the bolt forward.

ya it is because the movement of the bolt adds a bullet to the chamber

That doesn't mean it's bolt-action. The only way it would be a true bolt action is if you pull the bolt back and then you HAVE TO PUSH THE BOLT FORWARD to load a bullet.

Your totally wrong again, this gun is nothing new and not a true bolt-action. A true bolt action requires you to pull the bolt back (no round should load yet) then push it forward (loads the round). Trust me, you are wrong. I can see what this gun does, you pull the bolt back and a round loads in to the barrel from a magazine, without requiring that the bolt be pushed forward. The reason why it is a pump action is because the bolt is the same as a pump, you pull it back and it loads the gun and it is able to move forward without having an effect.