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My PC all of a sudden lags on all games. Answered

Here's what happened. I got on today and started up MW2 on my PC. I had just installed a new mod, so i thought nothing of it when it lagged down to 20 FPS, perhaps, when it usually runs at 40-60 FPS. I got bored eventually and went to organize my PC, which included uninstalling a lot of old programs and making new folders. I decided to play borderlands when I was done. I noticed there was a considerable difference in frame rate from the previous day. Same thing with all of my other games, Minecraft, HL2 and all others. The only thing i did overnight was install that MW2 mod through bittorrent ( don't worry, it's legal. Alteriwnet, google it.) I've played around with my GFX card, AMD Raedeon 6540, and no dice. I've played with the clock in catalyst to no avail. I've installed game booster and boosted, but i can't get the lag to go away. The best results I've had are ending one of the 2 processes named wininitt.exe. My FPS almost got back to normal. I Think it has something to do with graphics, as nothing else is really slowed down. Also, I've tried uninstalling the MW2 mod. I played around with my windows 7 theme, too.
PC specs
Intel i5-2400@3.10 GHz Dual core
4 GB ram
AMD Raedeon HD 6450 GFX
Windows 7 Home premium

The lag has been abolished. I don't know how, but it's gone. I did not touch my computer for a long time, iI guess to wait it out, but i'm not the only user of my computer, so it was used.
Protips for people coming to this thread because they have the same problem,
Scan for viruses
Do regular HDD cleaning, i.e defragment, delete old files, registry clean.
Lower GFX settings
Update drivers
Clean the computer's internals


Almost sounds like a virus or another program using a ton of resources. Not a gamer myself, but if it was built for windows 95 as vyger suggests, then you have no business running it in 7. Also, another spec to include: what bit OS? Since you are claiming 4 GB of RAM, it could be either. By the way, if it's 32-bit, then you don't have a full 4 GB. It would be aprox. 3.95 if I remember correctly. (little side note) ;)

I'm on a dell vostro, fairly new computer. I'm 64 bit, and i know 4 GBs isn't ideal for gaming, but I didn't buy the computer, and it works. As i mentioned above, this process called wininitt was using up most of my computer, more so than skype or steam, the 2 programs i always have open. Wininitt is a system process, but it was a little unusual to be so slow.

Sounds like a virus. (maybe not winintt, but somewhere.) What anti-virus are you using? Some anti-virus programs can also cause lag. How much video ram does that card have?

I am using AVG 2012. I honestly do not think that is the problem. This has been here since the day i got the PC, and it never has caused problems.

AVG isn't bad... so run a virus scan just to make sure there isn't a virus. Otherwise, try running a benchmark test on your graphics card.


6 years ago

Isn't MW2 a Win 95 game? I played that a long time ago on my Win 98 system. It never ran very good on XP although I did notice someone made a patch for it.
After my clan dried up and the good servers shut down I let it die. If its the same game you could have all kinds of trouble with video drivers and 32 bit and 64 bit systems. I even had trouble with the stupid joystick working right.
Thinking about it that was also about the time I was finally able to switch from dial up to DSL. I learned to lag shoot with my dial up and gained my clans respect because I could anticipate and hit targets while they could not hit me. Lag for me worked great. Then they started hacking the game, lots of people cheating and it finally all fell apart. If it has made a comeback maybe I should pull the tarp off my old custom designs and fire up the reactors. ( I had one mech design that was specifically made to overheat and blow up. Walk that into a crowd and blam, everybody dies.)

Modern Warfare 2, i don't know what you're talking about. :) This lag isn't the beneficial kind, not internet lag. Mine is obviously FPS lag.

Mech Warriors 2 was the one I was thinking of. And after I commented here I looked it up and there is indeed a resurrection of the game going on. Not a surprise since its one of the best games I ever played. Anyway ---

It could be the anti Virus running a scan in the background. When mine does that it makes video playback stutter. I have to pause the scan to watch a show. Many AV's are set to do full system scans at intervals.
I also had a problem with Microsoft's new search add on. It run's an indexing scan on the hard drives and that can cause a big lag also.
To track down the problem can be time consuming, but what you need to do is go into the windows startup programs, (you can get there by running msconfig from the run menu). Selectively disable item, maybe 3 or 4 at a time, and restart your system. Then run the game and see if it still lags. If it works OK then reenable the items one at a time to find which one is the problem. If that is not the group then re enable them in the startup and go to the next batch. It might take you hours to go through them all but that is what trouble shooting is all about sometimes.

Would this apply to "all-of-a-sudden" problems? Seems like something that persists from the day you bought it, after you installed all of your stuff. I'll try it, though.

Something is using processor time - Look at task manager and see if you can identify what process it is - Ctl Alt Del.

I ended as much as I could, even other users processes.