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My PSN (Playstation Network Account) Answered

My Playstation Network Account is ViccieB1993. What a suprise, no? Anyways, anyone looking for a good game of LittleBigPlanet2, Motorstorm Apocalypse, or Gran Turismo 5, just hit me up with a friend invite. Also have a Twitter account now, for all my 'fans': ViccieB1993NL. Have fun playing!


PSN is DJ_Radio.

Got GTA IV, MC Los Angeles or, Motorstorm? If so, we can play! :P

whatta ya play

wait a sec- I need a ps3 to add people!

ok, PSN: DJ_Radio i'll add ya when i get on.

How can you add me when I don't have a ps3?

i thought you said your name IS DJ_Radio so i thought you got an account on your PC (which you can do).

it is DJ_Radio. I got my psn account on a psp.

oh right, then i wonder if i can add a PSP???


6 years ago

im now nfk11 i play black ops and sometimes BFBC 1

Not on the list so I'm not very interested mate, sorry lol

you should get battlefield i might get that or get 1943 its fun


9 years ago

i got gta iv, cod:waw, motorstorm, midnight club los angeles and saints row 2 my psn is Cerj4eva

And you too, did you get Battlefield 1943?

yes i bought battlefield 1943 and i got cod 4 aswell to add on

how is 1943 im trying to decide if i should buy it

most people like it but i think it's GTA: San Andreas and COD: 5 mixed together. that sounds good but it's not lol. search on youtube for video's about battlefield 1943. that didn't help, did it lol

Mines FrozenStar- i dont have any of those games b ut you can add me if you want.

Hey Viccie, did you get Battlefield 1943?

No, i don't like war games. I like crime games, like GTA and racing games like Midnight Club L.A. I only like one first person shooter, Bioshock. Hoping Bioshock 2 will be even better! :P

try halo. Halo 1, to be exact. It is available for the PC.

Hey you with the face! You need to get MAG and Battlefield: Bad Company 2!

Not yet, I got the BF2 special forces the other day and I like it a lot. Did you get 1943? I've heard it's really good.

I love Bad Company, but I can't decide between COD Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2. I like how Bad Company had destructible environments, but I head COD Online is good. Hmm.

i'd get MW2, cause i player MW1. its not called Call of Duty anymore :(

But Bad Company 2 had destructible environments. You know if you need cover, just blow a hole in a wall and jump in the house. Although MW2 does look good also. Did you watch E3 today and the MW2 demo?

i watched the new trailer for MW2 on you tube. it isn't actually on you tube though, theres just an advert for it there. im not sure its the same as the E3 one, but its awesome! i think MW2 might have destructable environments as well.

If it does then it's a definite maybe. It depends how MAG looks. Hopefully Sony will blow everyone away because Microsoft had a pretty good show. For all E3 coverage, you can visit www.g4tv.com for all the live press conferences including Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, EA, and Ubisoft.

hey guys, You can play against me in Halo, If your computer is up for it. You can get either Halo trial, or the Full version, both for the PC (xbox version doesnt work). The full version has multiple maps, and a total customization for multiplayer.

hey i have two accounts coz i have two ps3s' :P ( dont ask why please. ) I mainly go on these games: little big planet fiffa 09 colin macrea dirt mirrors edge cod: waw anyways the names are: DanGosling ( thats not my name btw it a football players name) sir-buck1994


9 years ago

Mine is TandT. Both my dad and I play it. However I must warn you that I don't own Midnight Club and I don't play videogames that often.