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My T.V. is acting strange Answered

Since we first our T.V. a while ago, its been acting unusual. Every night at about 2:40, it changes inputs.  It did something similar to this before on a different T.V. , but on that one it would just go black for a second. The wierdest thing about it is that it does it at the same time every night.


The provider I use is Cox, www.cox.net/, and I'm not sure if it is the cable box because it even happens when the cable is shut off.  But that does sound like the most reasonable answer.

It is possible you have a dish network or direct tv service???  I know that these services access your dish-box every night in the WEE HOURS you describe.(The box dials your phone and sends data on the 1-800 number).  They download information such as WHAT PAY PER VIEW MOVIES you watched that day... and billing information updates... and lord only knows what OTHER information they gather... Your viewing data?  anyway,  this seems to be your problem because you CHANGED the tv and still have similar problems.  Another possibility, is you might have a remote control that uses RF (radio channels) and not IR (infrared)..  Especially if you live in an appartment complex.. or have NEARBY neighbors.  Your neighbor might be coming home from work at the local bar... and when he turns on HIS tv... his remote control is on your same channel (RF).  However, i would think you would have other symptoms also if THAT was the problem.  I will go with my FIRST answer.... something to do with the nightly satellite box updating and gathering information.  I would UNPLUG the satellite box from ELECTRIC outlet.... wait about 30 seconds, then plug back in to reset.  Then turn box back ON to get your channels back.  Another check... see if your PHONELINE is busy when this happens... that would prove it is related to your SAT-box nightly UPDATE.

REad the manual.  Look for reset and try to find a hard reset.  You need to set it back to factory specs.  On mine there is an opening where I can push a tooth pick into and it presses a switch.  I can do that with the power on to reset and if I do it with the power off it is a hard reset that go back to factory specs.

YOu have something scheduled that is changing the input.

Do you have a programmable remote?  If so then your remote may be doing it so reset that also.

Do you live over an indian burial ground.  I've heard of many strange things happening in homes built over indian burial grounds.  The spirits may not like the programs you're watching.

Good luck.

I'm guessing that the signal changes, are you receiving through an aerial or something else?


.  May or may not work, but:
  1. Unplug from wall
  2. Let sit for 5-30 minutes to erase memory
  3. Plug back in
  4. Set clock
is worth a try. If clock doesn't reset to 12:00 when you plug it back in, unplug it again and let it sit a little longer.