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My Tamiya T2 Drift Spec Answered

Hey guys this is my T2 in action.
Well what happened was i went to Japan for a holiday, i also wanted to see Tamiya HQ, it is AWESOME! well after that i spotted a rc track in osaka and drifted with some of the guys there.
My T2 is the one with the white RX-7 body.


Nice car!!!!!! :D

niice. ill b sure to add this vid 2 my faves. any tips on where to find a cheap drift car on ebay or in a store?

drifting in a full sized car when you're behind the wheel is hard enough. i can't imagine how much harder it would have to be to do it correctly when driving an RC car that's always changing it's position relative to your field of vision.

lol 0:21 goats "bahaha"

cool car man!

well the original t2 was 250US the new Gem Heatsink was 150 and the body was 25

That car kicks ass. How much did you pay for it?