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My Toshiba Satellite L500?has a problem, Answered

My Toshiba Satellite L500?has a problem, it wont start it reaches the Windows Recovery page highlights Windows Repair NOT Start Windows Normally, then it brings a blue screen "..BIOS is not ACPI Compliant" N/B: Earlier I had ever replaced the hard disk and put the laptop on AND also the Keyboard is not responding (the NUM LOCK light flashes on start BUT even pressing F2or F12 brings a menu page but I cant move the Arrow keys) Many said it was the faulty charger or the old battery am using. Help me




4 years ago

Download a copy of Knoppix, which is a complete Linux system on a DVD and try booting with that. if it is a hardware problem it will do the same thing in Knoppix. This will rule out a software problem or a virus or rootkit.

If it is hardware (and it sounds like it) check on line and see if others are having the same problem. There have be a number of class action law suits about defective models of laptops. Google your model and add some of the symptoms in the search string. It will probably come up with something.

I have had 2 notebooks lately that I was asked to repair and both had been declared defective for various problems. One was a subject of a recall and apparently had been "fixed" and then sold on E bay. It turns out the internal supporting structure for the main board was not sufficient and when the notebook was picked up and held by one side it flexed the mother board and caused the components to come unsoldered. Repairing or replacing the board only fixed it until it was flexed again since they had no way of beefing up the support structure so it was doomed to fail again.

Not much you can do with that. Could be a problem with the bios, or the HDD. The System could be overheating. If the system is over a year old then you may be out of luck. You'll have to take it to a technician to get it fixed. Probably be cheaper to just buy a new laptop.