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My Toshiba won't connect to the internet Answered

My Toshiba netbook wont connect to my wireless broadband!
but everyone else in my family can!
As well as that the internet icon has gone missing!
Please helpp!

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Willard2.0 (author)2013-04-06

Have you ever been able to connect to that router?  Can you connect to other networks?

When you click on the network icon in the bottom right, does it show you a list of available networks?  Is your network included in that list?

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-04-06

What internet icon are you talking about? The browser icon or the network icon in the task bar?

Have you checked the device manager to see if there is a problem with the network/wi-fi adapter or if it even shows up at all? If it is showing in the device manager and no problems are indicated are you able to go into your network settings and see other wi-fi signals in your area?

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