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My Wii will no longer play Wii games. What's going on? Answered

I've had my Wii for a little over a year now. It just stopped playing Wii games about a month ago, but it still continues to play Gamecube games perfectly fine. I haven't tried modding it or anything, it just stopped working out of the blue. What is wrong with it? And is there anything I can do? (It's not under warranty anymore...)


We had this problem. To fix it all you have to do is get 1 disk to load (you can do this by taking out the disc when the error message comes up and thn turning off the system. It may take a few times) after you get a game to load. You have to play it for a while and then You MUST go to the Wii menu and then remove the game from the Wii. We did that and our Wii now always works. Sorry I couldn't have gotten on sooner to tell you this.

That's perfectly fine.
Thanks for caring enough to tell me.

Perhaps try a dvd lens cleaner disk. If that doesn't work, looks like its off to nintendo depot for factory repairs. GC games and wii games are both 'dvd' format, if different form factor. Not reading 'x' type of disk is usually a laser wearing out or dirty issue. What are the symptoms? Does the game show up on the home screen and fail to load? Does the disk even fit in the unit?

It fits in the system just fine. Sometimes, it will load a Wii game, then display an error message. Other times, it will just not read the disc. At the menu, both discs stop spinning, a question mark appears, and a message says to consult the manual. We still have yet to try the dvd lens cleaner disc, so hopefully that works and solves the problem. I'll let you know what happens when we give it a try.

Sorry for taking so long! I tried the DVD and Wii disc cleaners, but neither worked. We now have to pay to send it in and be repaired. There goes all my Zelda data... : (

You might have the same problem I had. If you got the Wii when it first came out you could just have a flawed/glitchy system. (LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYu6zBQGRNQ)

My tragic backstory:
For the first time, I camped out infront of Target to get the Wii the very next morning.
Thankfully I did.
Unthankfully, after about a month, the screen goes completely black. The problem wasn't my audio/video cables so I had to return it to Nintendo and they gave me a new one. Sadly, *sniff* I just can't love this one as much as I did my first one. And I too lost my Zelda data.