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My Windows won't run Java or Minecraft?!? Answered

Whenever I run Minecraft it will come up with an error message saying bad video driver and OpenGl and such. I deleted my .minecraft and got a fresh new folder without any mods and it didn't fix the problem. Also, when doing the Java check it won't run and when going on a game on Pogo it won't run and says I need to install Java. However that is only for Google Chrome but it WILL work on Internet Explorer. I have Java enabled as a plugin as well. Please help I have one more thing to say: Before this laptop was Windows Vista Home Premium. Now I upgraded it to Windows 7 Ultimate x32 bit and I did it for free from YouTube, Lol ikr. All was required was to mount the Ultimate to a virtual drive using PowerISO and to install Windows 7 and then to use a program called Windows 7 Loader by DAZ v.2.2 or something like that which would activate the key and before I activated it, it was already saying it was activated. Lol long story short, HOW CAN I FIX THIS? (Also my video driver crashes once in a while like 4 times a day in use and recovers XD). Please reply! :)


Never mind, my updater for my GPU was old so i had to update the updater and download the new GPU software. Also, I re-did the installation and did a clean install with upgrading it to a 64-bit and that fixed the Minecraft Launcher and some forums on Minecraft fixed the OpenGL error. So I'm all good now :)

If you want things to work correctly then stop using a pirated copy of windows. Either role back t your Vista install or spend the $100 and get an OEM copy of Win 7. All the problems your having (Java, Minecraft, Video drivers) stem from not using a legitimate copy of windows.


4 years ago

I just installed Java upgrade and Minecraft on an old XP tabletop using Firefox for my grandson.

Other then a mix up with his password it runs now and we have to limit him for a half day.

You mention the Video prob,  I would play with screen resolution options your bios permits.


Not the perfect computer, just a free one I got that was made in 2007 l0l