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My arduino just arrived in the mail, and i'm having trouble with it... help me !!!! :( lol? Answered

Ok so i bought it, put it on the PC, and dowloaded the program to blink the LED on and off, each second, it worked perfectly.
then i tryed to upload the program to blink without delay and it says, upload failed
why? do i have to reset it? How do i reset it? i press that button but nothin happens, it always gets back to blinking the LED on and off... whats up here?


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ReCreate (author)2009-07-19

You just wrote to the chip, Don't you know that you can only do that once? no jk XD...

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Johntron (author)2009-02-18

Make sure you have the right port and board selected under the Tools menu.

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Cartermarquis (author)2009-02-18

Assuming you got a Diecimila or a Duemilanove, they automatically reset(At least i've never had to reset my Diecimila before uploading sketches). I would try uploading the sketch again, and perhaps checking out the Arduino website. You are replacing a LED blinking sketch with another LED blinking sketch, so you might want to try a fading sketch, that way you know when the code is actually uploaded. I hope this helps, the Arduino is a great device once you get it configured.

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