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My calculator needs to become pretty! Answered

I have this big ugly calculator and i really want to make it look really awesome... do any of you wonderful people know how i could do so? I would like to just give it a design or something- no sparkles or beadazzles. Thank you!:D


I'm worried that your relationship your calculator might getting too superficial, like you're just using her, just pushing her buttons. 

Does she really need a makeover?  Is your calculator worried about what other people think about her appearance.  Of course not.  All she wants is to do is help you solve math problems.

Try spending some time with with your calculator, so that you can maybe get to know her a little better.  Have you read the manual that came with her?  Why she  probably has functions you've never even used before!

You know, I think your calculator is pretty on the inside, and isn't that what counts?  Erm... if you'll forgive the pun.

If you don't want to go with paint, you could try glueing narrow strips of fabric or bamboo to it.

If you are brave enough to take your calculator apart -- automotive metallic paint can be pretty awesome if you prime the plastic properly -- tough as nails and looks amazing. Just the 'touch up' tester spray bottles are easily enough...give it a few clearcoat layers and you've got a sweet metallic lollipop.

Aye. I've done this. Just one recommendation to your list. When spraypainting electronics outdoors, make sure you find a place that has no wind and little to no dust/foliage that can ruin your project.

I've had to sand down and re paint a few projects because they end up with grass in the finish.

A roomy cardboard box makes a good wind shield for spray-painting smaller items outdoors.

+1 Same. You think its calm but its DIRTY out there!

Custom printed vinyl stickers?