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My cat is shedding, could I rub him on a Van De Graaff generator to remove the loose hair? Answered

I thought this might work because the hair keeps sticking to stuff because of static electricity. If you put a charge in the generator, then rubbed the cat on it, would the hair stick to it? Then when you turned it off would the hair fall off?



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you can persuade your cat to sit on top of the VdG, the build-up of charge should make loose hairs fly off and accumulate on the nearest good Earth (ground) point.

Either that, or the charged, fluff-ball cat will go utterly insane and destroy the room.

Make sure you video it.

There will be a revolution in quantum physics the day they manage to account for the superposition of the third state of Schrodinger's Cat; alive, dead and bloody furious.

[Joke copyright T Pratchett Esq]

Too late! I'm selling T shirts that say - Schrodinger's cat is bloody furious (and needs to go out and pee).

Note that quantum effects have recently been confirmed in a macroscopic object. As someone else observed, it's a good time for cats to stay out of boxes.

I smell a new internet meme in the making....

"I can haz  200,000 volts?"

Or you could just groom your cat, Mine are old and leave fur EVERYWHERE. I would recommend a brush like the one below, my cats love it!


Absolutely. Most cats _love_ a good curry-combing, once they get used to it.

True, but remenber: There aren't many old empiricists.

You need to brush your cat.

You are correct sir!  And if they don't have a proper cat brush they should give the cat a cat bath with their own tongue.

Ha ha. Or get one of those electric boot scrapers they have at golf courses. Cats would love those.

Have you got one? (VDG)
Use sticky-tape...