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My catfish is dead, what do i do with it if I cant fillet it right away? Do I put it in water or just keep it cold? Answered

I put my dead catfish in water by the time I was able to fillet it it was white



This is what I caught in two hours slack lining on a river near my home.

All bottom feeders need to be cleaned immediately after death keep them wet if not in water after catching a live well is best.

The 1 Carp was the first fish I caught it was still alive after 2 ½ hours out of water.

The 1 White Sucker the last fish I caught only lasted 30 minutes out of water.

The 7 Brown Bullhead Catfish can last a day out of water if you keep them wet.

You can gut and keep chilled in water for a day or even freeze to filet on a later date.


The BEST way is to keep them alive and healthy until just before you eat them.

I forgot the rules I posted were when you freshly catch a fish u might want to get rid of that fish that u have immediately

Ew...pet catfish? I'm thinking it might not be terribly safe to eat at this point, especially given the delay between posting a question and it showing up...

what chemantics says I am a big time fisher and you must clean, ice, fillet, eat.

The best way to preserve your future catfish is to put it on ice ASAP. Gut it first. It is the stomach contents and the blood that ruin a fish. If you clean it out good, and pack it in ice (above and below), and it's temperature doesn't reach more than 40 degrees... you could probably hang on to it for up to a week. Salting it (a tablespoon per pound of fish) will help it last longer. If the eyes aren't clear, don't eat it.


8 years ago

Put it in a zip-lock freezer bag, squeeze out as much air as possible, seal it and deposit it in the garbage can. The best thing to do with a fresh caught fish is to gut it and remove the gills, then chill it right away. If you keep it in a live well or on a stringer, check it frequently.

You now have natural fertilizer.

Catfish? what kind of cat fish? you can have aquaruim catfish, ones in your pond or catfish in lakes