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My computer crashes any time I load 3d stuff, can anyone please help??? (I have an intel graphics card) Answered

Okay, so I want to play minecraft again, and no matter what I do, I can't get it to work without crashing my computer.  I think the problem is graphics card related.  I used to be able to play minecraft on this computer.  One day, I was updating the graphics card drivers then minecraft quit working.  Now, the obvious solution would be to roll back the drivers, however since then I have started with a clean windows install and I just can't get it working again.  I would think the problem would be driver related, but I can't find a driver that works anywhere.  When I start minecraft I can login, open up a world, then in less than two seconds, my computer's screen goes black, then my computer reboots, followed by giving me the Windows has recovered from a serious error.  I Really need some help because this happens with a bunch of my games, and mc edit.  :P  I would love to be able to play minecraft again.

System info:
Windows XP SP3 fresh install
Intel Q965/963 Express Chipset Family


Pro if you can get it working!



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I had this all written out and then my browser died, Grrrrr.
Anyway, I am assuming that you are running Windows XP. So based on that this is what you need to do first.

Your computer is set to automatic reboots which is the default setting. You need to change that so you can get a chance to see what the error message is.

SO, first open the System Properties. You do that by right clicking on MY computer and going to properties, or you can use the quick keys which are _Windows Key and Pause Key --- pushed together. You should get the system Properties box open.
Now go to the Advanced tab and click it.
At the bottom it says "Startup and recovery" and there is a box that says settings, click on that box.

Now you should have another box open up that says "Startup and recovery". In the lower part of that box is a check mark box for "Automatically Restart". UNcheck that box, then do OK and OK. Now when it crashes it will not just restart.
So, now go ahead and start your game and let it crash. Rather than restart it should show a blue screen that has an error code. Write down what this says. I have actually taken pictures of it so I could read it.

Now restart the computer. When it is booted up, Google the error code. This should give you pages of responses and as you read through them you will find out what the problem is. You can also search Microsofts site for the error code and that will tell you if they have a fix for the problem.

So, this is where you start. Get a diagnosis so you can look up a solution.

Error code: 0x0000000E (0x80000004, 0x806EDAE1, 0xF76850D8, 0x00000000)
:O what next?

"If it's not broken: don't fix it."
-Was there a fault which led you to be updating the graphics card drivers, or did it just seem like a good idea?
-Did you do the whole clean Windows install just to try fixing the graphics-problem, or something else?


well originally I thought the graphics problem might be a virus, so yes, It's my fault.
And the other question, I usually just update them anyways.

Be a bit more lazy and don't do things to your machine unless you need to (or understand exactly how they function down to source-code...)
As you said; if it was only the graphics-card that was wrong replacing it is an easy-fix.


screw this, I'm going to just get a new graphics card. :P


5 years ago

A list of error codes

Some of the comments appear to suggest that it could be RAM.

Take out a stick of ram and then try running it. Then swap out the other stick and see what happens.

Lots of these errors appear to happen with World of Warcraft.

The error code also could be related to the hard drive. What does the SMART for the hard drive say?