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My computer disconnects from the internet! Answered


My computer "disconnects" from the internet every 15 - 30 minutes. But skype stays connected and my computer says that i am still connected. Iget connected again when I change my ip (with cmd, ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew) but I disconnect again a little later.

Is there a solution that is forever?


Could be a whole bunch of things. Is this a wireless connection? Is this a "free connection"? Did you feed the parking meter? Do you know what the DHCP server is configured for? What is the lease period? Are you on a laptop or desktop? What else is on the network? What range of ip addresses are you using? How is your network cnfigured? How is your network card configured? etc........................

It's on all connections there is trouble, the wireless broadband at home and the "free connection" at school. All other computers on the connections works just fine, even my iPod touch is "on" all the time. I'm using a laptop (windows 7) and I'm not sure about the other things.

Maybe lookup topics with your laptop hardware. Drivers all updated and Windows 7 all patched up? Maybe the wifi or other components are heating up or loose in the laptop. Maybe switch to an external usb wifi dongle to connect.

One of my friends have a similar cpu, and no problems. I have suffered from overheating problems for a month now, so it might just be that.

Thank you this far, but now comes my next question, how can i solve the overheating problem?

You really don't want to go opening up the case and doing stuff, but you can... The easiest thing to do is to get a vacuum, clean up all the open ports and holes. Have a makeshift platform or cooling pad for the laptop which might have a usb powered fan under it. You just want to get more are flowing around the laptop.

Be careful with vacuums... they have a strong electrical field that will affect some components. Most of the time, you can get away with it, but it only takes one time to make you regret it. ;) Canned air is your best bet.

I do have an usb powered fan under it, and I have just found out that: It could be the overheating, but why does it then help to change my IP adress?

Simply, each device on the network needs it's own unique ip address. They can be hardcoded(static) or assigned by a dhcp server like your router(dynamic). If your laptop has an ip that is hardcoded or is assigned an ip address in a range that might end up being the same as when the xbox is plugged in, they will conflict until one gets changed. The router can be configured to hand out ip addresses that no one else should have. Since you have the problem at school too, it seems your laptop should be configured to pick up a dynamic ip address and you need to check your router configuration to be a dhcp server. Go find a local geek that can take a look at your laptop and see what is going on with your network to tweak it. Good luck.

Wow, i feel embarrased and stupid right now.. I just restarted my computer (cus i was bored) and now it works just fine... But stille thank you for all help